My Current Job (and an update)


I am a part-time freelance content writer and a part-time student. I don’t really like saying that I work as a ‘content writer’ because I never thought I could become one. Job satisfaction – 6.58/10, I bet that’s pretty low. What’s your job satisfaction on a ten point scale?

So because of the unacceptably low fulfillment that my job is giving me, I have decided to take up something of a side-hustle, grow it and then quit my ‘writing’ career as a ghost-writer where I feel terribly underpaid. I agree that starting my own business and not working for others may mean lower income and perhaps even failure, but at least I will have scope for improvement, something that is almost impossible in my current scenario.

I will keep my day-job until I start getting enough returns from my new venture because otherwise, I may end up broke and devastated.

As far as the new venture is concerned, I am going to focus on publishing. I figured that if people hire me to write content for them I must be capable of producing quality content that sells. So why not do it for me? I have (figuratively) hired myself to write my first book. Cannot tell to much about it now, but that it is very short and the outline is ready. I have started writing it but it seemed hard to stay motivated without a deadline. Setting up a deadline feels hard because I want to take into account my comfort too, but if I get too lazy I will never get anything done.

I have decided on the 15th of February. I will submit the final draft of the book by the end of the day and will update you guys about it.

Are there any goals or personal projects that you have been postponing lately? Let’s set a deadline and work for it like we do when our employer sets one.

time-839884_1920The clock is ticking, good luck!


Hello There!

Isn’t life rather strange? There are times when it all seems so ‘set’ and perfect and we end up thinking that this is the exact place where we were meant to be. That every action we ever took led us to this beautiful moment we now stand wrapped in. And then there are days when no matter how many times you get up and dust yourself, you end up falling back again. lost-1605501_1280

I want to start this blog and focus on self-improvement and growth on a  long-term basis, maybe it will become a way to connect with people and gain a better perspective on things.

So welcome, and I am glad if you choose to stay around on this particular journey and see how it unfolds. I will be focusing on personal and financial aspects, as right now, these are the ones that matter the most to me.

I believe we can never stop learning and never know too much. Personal growth and financial abundance are my top priorities this year. I have a list of goals that truthfully seem HUGE to me at the moment. But as Dan Gilbert said in this TED Talk I was watching today, we all underestimate change.

Here is a list of my goals that I want to achieve by the end of this year:

  1. Become a great public speaker – The term ‘great’ is variable, but I am focusing on increasing my confidence on stage, being able to say all that I know and have prepared, and most importantly, to end my speech without regrets.
  2. Have a better quality of relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances – Relationships make us thrive. If we are unfulfilled in this area of life, very few things can make us happy.
  3. Earn $4000 a month – Let us be honest, how many of us are currently in a state of financial abundance where we do not have to worry about our monthly bills anymore? Very few. If you are one of those lucky ones, I congratulate you on managing your finances so well. But if you aren’t, I encourage you to set a goal and take massive action for its fulfillment.



The first step to a fulfilling life is seeing where you want to be. And the next is getting there. Planning seems to take up a lot of time, so I am going to start taking action now. It is no use reading a ton of books on business if you never apply the methods.

The Action:


This is what the blog is really for. It is for taking action and recounting it so that others can be benefited by it.

If you have read till here, thank you and I look forward to seeing you around. Feel free to connect with me via comments or through the About page on the blog. Are you on a similar journey? If you are, good luck, let’s do this together because there is power in being accountable.