Anxiety, Shall I Bring You Tea?

I was sitting in the room when you knocked at the door. Strangely, no one else heard you, so I had to get up and open it. You were looking at me with your big scary eyes, you said you want to come in. I was busy, trying not be rude, I asked you to sit beside me for a while.

“Give me a few hours, let this day pass by. Please.” I said. But it does not usually help to ask you, does it?

“I can’t wait for much longer, there is too much pressure, you need to allow me in.” Your usual hurried self answered.

“Okay, you know I can not deny. But before you do come, why not have some tea? Breathe deep? Try CBT?” But nothing works with you, does it?

Anyway Anxiety, now that you have entered, I shall make some tea…when I can learn how to breathe again.


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